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Texas Christian Recovery & Other Support Services, Inc. (TX-CROSS) is faith-based, for profit, minority business enterprise based in Austin, Texas created in February, 2007. TX-CROSS espouses Christian values grounded on the Bible and its teachings. TX-CROSS has affiliation with multiple churches statewide. Its doors are open to the churched and un-churched, probationers or not, substance abusers or not; simply whosoever in the community. Its doors and services are support for anyone willing to accept its services with the understanding that services are faith-based in perspective and evidence-based in its solutions.

Corporate Philosophy, Mission & Vision

In the spirit of our Lord's counsel to care for the distressed, poor in spirit, poverty stricken, least of us, the prisoner-victim and the family members who are connected to these targeted groups Texas Christian Recovery Support Services is committed to assist this population by providing viable Like Skills Training to enhance: employability, relationship issues, and preservation of the family as a whole. Texas Christian Recovery and Other Support Services, Inc. (TX-CROSS) publicly endorses, and also actively plays a role in improving, Access to Recovery initiatives by joining in partnership to promote positive re-integration for inmates with life skills and relapse prevention. Too many people-legislators and the public at large, the Christian Church Community included-have a "lock them up and throw away the key" attitude which needs to be eradicated form public discourse and corrections policies because it demeans inmates' human dignity, does not aid victims in their healing, and contradicts the Gospel message, wherein Jesus instructs us to care for the imprisoned.


Texas Christian Recovery and Other Support Services addresses needs in the following areas:

  • Prevention and Alternatives to Incarceration
  • Families of Offender ~Family Preservation
  • Law Related Education~ Anger Management, Relationship Management, Marital Counseling
  • Preparation, Re-Integration, and Transition into the Community